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We are all different.  We are all unique.  My approach to nutrition is the same…special for each person.

Individuality must be accepted, embraced and understood in order to facilitate effective changes in one’s relationship with food, whether as an adult or as a child.  Working together, I will help you learn how your distinctive lifestyle, psychological and physical make-up and medical conditions all contribute to the dynamic interaction between food and your body.

Mindfulness around food will help you work on identifying those factors that are challenging you and keeping you from the goals you are striving so hard to reach.  It takes patience and persistence to find a happy medium that will lead to your success, and it takes practice to listen to your body and focus on true wellness.

We will concentrate on lifestyle changes rather than diets, finding the most realistic approach for your schedule, life and family.  These changes won’t happen overnight, but as you begin to experience the health benefits you will start feeling better about yourself both physically and emotionally. You will find yourself embracing your efforts, not dreading them.

Whether you are searching for guidance on general nutrition, disordered eating or how to provide your children and family with a healthy foundation, I would love to be a part of your journey.

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Angelina Moore Maia, MS, RD, LDN Registered / Licensed Dietition
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